Low-code Smart Contracts for the Enterprise with Unibright and DAML

For anyone looking to deploy production grade applications using smart contracts and blockchain, enterprise technology integration remains one of the biggest areas for improvement by far.

Unibright and DAML

Stefan Schmidt
 the CTO of Unibright unpacks what his company has done to make DAML easier to deploy in the enterprise. Unibright specializes in the integration of blockchain technology with business applications. In this blog post, Stefan talks about the business challenges DAML solves and how it integrated DAML with the Unibright Framework, a suite of tools that helps you model business processes as smart contracts and then integrate smart contracts with enterprise systems such as ERP (e.g. SAP).  DAML is the latest addition to the Unibright Framework in addition to Solidity (on Ethereum. Because DAML was created for use with distributed systems it provides a variety of unique benefits. 

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