Unibright enables anyone to create DAML smart contracts with “no code” developer tools

Unibright’s Business Integration Framework now supports the DAML smart contract language

November 21, 2019 — Bingen am Rhein, Germany — Unibright announced today that its Blockchain Integration Framework now supports DAML, the open source smart contract language created by Digital Asset. By adding support for DAML, business people and developers can now use the Framework’s modules to graphically model business processes and automatically generate DAML code. The integration also enables the connectivity of DAML-based applications with legacy enterprise systems and multiple blockchain platforms.

Unibright’s Blockchain Integration Framework helps business professionals craft powerful blockchain-based solutions with no coding skills required. It also makes it easier to integrate Blockchain technology into existing business processes so companies can reap ROI from their blockchain solutions faster. Until now, the Framework mainly supported the Solidity smart contract language. It now supports applications built using DAML smart contracts, which are also ledger independent.

“Unibright and Digital Asset are working toward a common goal. We want to build distributed business processes in a way that is user-centric and blockchain agnostic. DAML is a beautifully designed language that makes it even easier for Unibright to target multiple protocols with just one coding language. Moreover, the Unibright Workflow Designer and the Unbright Connector add visual process definition and automatic off-chain integration to the DAML world — a clear win-win for our customers realized through this integration,”  said Stefan Schmidt, CTO and Co-Founder Unibright

“Unibright’s visual interface to create DAML smart contracts will help businesses get to market even faster. Combined with out the box integrations to existing systems and that both DAML and Unibright’s Business Integration Framework are compatible with multiple blockchain platforms, this is an extremely compelling offering to customers,” said Dan O’Prey, CMO and Head of Community Growth at Digital Asset."

For more information about the Unibright Blockchain Integration Framework, please visit the DAML Marketplace, where dozens of DAML applications are made available for and by the DAML community.

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