Digital Asset’s DAML Smart Contract Language Now Extended to VMware Blockchain


VMware Blockchain will include the smart contract language for commercial deployments

New York, April 11, 2019 -- Digital Asset, the creators of the open source DAML smart contract language, announced today that it is working with VMware, Inc (NYSE: VMW) to integrate DAML with the VMware Blockchain platform. Combining an enterprise-grade blockchain platform with a transformative smart contract language, this collaboration will allow for broader reach and support as a combined offering, following a recent announcement that DAML has been open-sourced.

“DAML has been proven to be one of the few smart contract languages capable of modeling truly complex workflows at scale,” said Michael DiPetrillo, Senior Director of Blockchain at VMware. “VMware is delighted to be working together on customer deployments to layer VMware Blockchain alongside DAML. Customers demand choice of language execution environments from their blockchain and DAML adds a truly robust and enterprise-focused language set to a blockchain platform with multi-language support.”

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