Odyssey Introduces Goals of the Odyssey Hackathon 2020 in Davos

  •  Business leaders explore new digital economic systems that incentivize decarbonization and plastic waste reduction, the role of blockchain, AI and other emerging technologies in enabling the shift
  • Sanjay Poonen (VMware), Yuval Rooz (Digital Asset), Kavita Gupta (Katapult. AI), Rod Beckstrom (formerly ICANN; BECKSTROM), Rutger van Zuidam (Odyssey) discuss Outcompeting Destructive Systems on January 23 in Davos

DAVOS, Switzerland - January 23, 2020 - Odyssey, the Netherlands-based open innovation program, will lead the conversation on outcompeting the destructive economic systems at Blockchain Central Davos

The conversation will focus on new alternatives to current economic paradigms which prevent society from solving the challenges it currently faces, such as climate change and lack of economic inclusion. 

"We live in a world where it still pays financially to be part of a destructive system, so we need to outcompete this model," commented Rutger van Zuidam, Founder and CEO of Odyssey.

Sanjay Poonen, COO VMware, said: "We aim to leave ahead a better future - to put back more than we take into the environment, society, and our global economy. It is important that we engineer new systems that provide better economic outcomes and are better for people and the planet. The Odyssey 2020 Track 'Outcompeting Destructive Systems,' that VMware is participating in with Digital Asset and DAML, will explore this challenge."

"The conversation at Davos this week has centered around the need for open, collaborative ecosystems to truly affect change. Odyssey recognizes this, that to outcompete destructive systems we need the right incentives applied to the right technology. Smart contracts enable these collaborative processes to connect stakeholders across industries in ways which weren't possible before. DAML and VMware Blockchain allow for the type of open collaboration needed to allow anyone to innovate for all of our benefit," said Yuval Rooz, Co-Founder & CEO, Digital Asset.

The VMware and DAML track of Odyssey Hackathon 2020 challenges teams to build new solutions for turning around two complex modern-day issues: plastic pollution and carbon emissions. Team applications for the hackathon are now open.

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If you want to join the DAML and VMware team at Odyssey Hackathon 2020 and help meld technology and human incentives to tackle some of the world's most pressing issues,  sign-up here.

ICYMI back in December our own Talia Klein wrote about why we're getting involved in the Odyssey Hackathon 2020.