Hyperledger Besu now has DAML Smart Contracts

  • Long-time Digital Asset partner, Blockchain Technology Partners, adds commercial support for Hyperledger Besu through its Sextant for DAML platform

Hyperledger Global Forum, Phoenix, AZ -- March 3, 2020 -- Blockchain Technology Partners (BTP) today announced that its Sextant for DAML platform now commercially supports the integration of DAML, the open source smart contract language created by Digital Asset, with Hyperledger Besu, an Ethereum-compatible blockchain framework hosted by the Linux Foundation. It is the first DAML on Ethereum integration.

Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of Hyperledger, said “Hyperledger Besu is the most recent framework to be contributed to Hyperledger and the first that is compatible with the public Ethereum network. It is great to see Hyperledger members BTP and Digital Asset collaborating to create a DAML integration with Hyperledger Besu so soon after it has been accepted by the community. This is the third Hyperledger framework to support DAML. As we anticipate both specialization and consolidation across the blockchain tech stack, having a unified option in DAML to write applications across Sawtooth, Fabric and now Besu is great to see.”

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