Digital Asset and Blockchain Technology Partners deliver Sextant for DAML

Sextant for DAML adopted by nanotechnology pioneer Quantum Materials Corp (QMC) 

Combined solution tackles global supply chain problem of counterfeit goods

New York, November 7, 2019 -- Digital Asset, the creator of the DAML smart contract language, and Blockchain Technology Partners (BTP), the provider of the Sextant blockchain management platform, today announced that they have entered into a commercial partnership and that Sextant for DAML is now generally available.

Quantum Materials Corp (QMC) is an early adopter of Sextant for DAML, a new integrated offering that radically simplifies the deployment and management of DAML smart contracts on Hyperledger Sawtooth as well as Amazon Aurora; and frees up developers to focus on solving real world business problems using DAML. QMC is leveraging the product for a nanotechnology-based authenticity and traceability platform that fights criminal counterfeiters and builds brand trust.

“Combining our unique quantum dot nanomaterials with Sextant for DAML enables us to rapidly address a particularly challenging aspect of global commerce and supply chain management, namely the huge global criminal marketplace in counterfeit goods, which hurts business profits, impacts brand trust and undermines customer relationships,” said Stephen B. Squires, President and CEO of Quantum Materials Corp. “DAML enables rapid business process development and platform independence while Sextant takes care of service delivery and operational complexity.”
“We are delighted to be working with QMC and help them tackle the global supply chain problem of counterfeit goods, which costs business $1.8 trillion worldwide. If ever there were a game changing business case for blockchain this is it,” said Duncan Johnston-Watt, co-founder and CEO at BTP. “This affirms our partnership with Digital Asset and DAML as the next generation Solidity for business - the only smart contract language capable of solving this kind of challenge.”

“With DAML, we’ve made it easier for developers to create distributed applications by allowing them to code, and therefore only focus on, business logic. Now, Sextant for DAML makes it easier to deploy a distributed application in production by removing operational complexity,” said Yuval Rooz, co-founder and CEO at Digital Asset. “Working with BTP, we’re enhancing the developer’s experience and enabling them to get an application to market faster and stay there longer.”

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