Release of Daml 2.3.6

 Daml 2.3.6 has been released. You can install it using:

daml install 2.3.6


This release fixes a set of issues. Customers on the 2.3 release line are advised to upgrade to this version. Please note that release 2.3.5 has been skipped.

What’s new

Minor Improvements

  • New repair commands and repair.identity.upload for downloading and uploading the identity and keys of a node. They can be used to preserve a node's identity and keys when its storage is reset.
  • Improved resilience of ethereum sequencer to network failures & overloaded Ethereum clients returning invalid data.

Security and Bug fixes

  • Fixed a memory leak in the mediator that would lead to JVM degradation over time.
  • Fixed an error that could lead to rare crashes when restarting an Ethereum sequencer node and zombie queries on associated Besu nodes.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple mediator response messages would confuse transaction processing.