Release of Daml 2.1.1

Daml 2.1.1 has been released. You can install it using:

daml install 2.1.1


The version 2.1.1 brings a few minor improvements and bugfixes.

Minor Improvements and Bugfixes

  • Improvements of Oracle driver when dealing with contention.
  • Fixed a rare remote connection bug in the participant when it tries to connect to a domain. The symptom is that the log reports there was a ledger fork but a fork did not occur.


Dependency Version
Java Runtime Open: JDK 64-Bit Server VM: 18.9 (build, mixed mode, sharing)
Daml 2.1.1
Postgres postgres (PostgreSQL): 14.2 (Debian 14.2-1.pgdg110+1)
Oracle 19.14.0
Ethereum besu/v21.10.9/linux-x86_64/openjdk-java-11
Fabric 2.2.2

What’s Coming

We are currently working on

  • ongoing security hardening of the Canton protocol and application.
  • providing higher levels of topology management privacy and scalability.
  • production ready support of multiple domains per participant.
  • improving our documentation with many explicit operational procedures.