Release of Daml 1.18.2

Daml 1.18.2 has been released. You can install it using:

daml install 1.18.2

Bug/Security Fixes

  • A race condition bug is fixed in the Ledger API mutable contract state cache. The bug allowed the cache to become corrupted with stale references when the Ledger API was subjected to concurrent submissions racing to update/fetch the same contract key. The stale references were causing the Ledger API to erroneously reject submissions in certain corner-cases.
  • A workaround for a bug in the Java JDK ( has been implemented. This issue previously caused performance degradations in the Ledger API Server and the execution engine due to lock contention in MessageDigest.getInstance.

Further Improvements

The performance of Extractor has been improved by buffering transactions so that transforming and filtering can be executed in parallel.