Release of Daml Connect 1.18.1

Daml Connect 1.18.0 has been released. You can install it using:

daml install 1.18.1

SDK 1.18.1 is a bugfix release which fixes two issues in SDK 1.18.0:

Fix gRPC timeouts in Daml Studio

Daml v1.18.0 introduced a bug on MacOS Monterey Daml Studio where daml repl and daml test would sometimes produce the following errors:

ScenarioServiceBackendException { scenarioNote = “Failed to create scenario context”, scenarioBackendError = BErrorClient (ClientIOError GRPCIOTimeout) }

This issue has been fixed and the scenario and script results should display properly.

Update create-daml-app template for new Daml Hub subdomains

When deployed on Daml Hub, the create-daml-app template was still using the deprecated {ledgerId} domains instead of the new and recommended {subdomain} domains. In SDK v1.18.1 the template has been updated to the new domains so it will continue working as the deprecated domain is phased out.

If you based your app on an older version of the create-daml-app templates, you might need to adjust your app to the new domain schema. You can use the PR as guidance for the necessary changes.

Update h2 dependency to address security vulnerability

A vulnerability was found in the h2 library which is used in the in-memory sandbox. While the Daml Sandbox is not vulnerable to the issue here, we upgraded the h2 library to the latest version 2.0.206 to avoid raising any alerts. This forces an upgrade of our library for database migrations which unfortunately also required dropping support for PostgreSQL 9.x which already produced a warning. The supported version is now PostgreSQL 10.

Fix support for legacy tokens in the JSON API

A bug was introduced in version 1.17.0 that prevented the JSON API from correctly interpreting the legacy format for claim tokens. The bug has been fixed in this version and tokens with claims under the root namespace are now recognized correctly.