Release of Daml Connect 1.17.1

The following bugfixes have been backported from the main branch:

- [JSON-API] make key_hash indexes non-unique, this fixes a bug where a duplicate key conflict was raised on the query store when the same contract was being witnessed twice by two separate parties

[Ledger API] Fixes a bug in the mutable state cache initialization sequence which prevented
the correct restart of the Ledger API when the first command executed against it creates or exercises
a contract by key.

Due to the schema change, if using a persistent query store and upgrading from 1.17.0 or earlier, you need reset the JSON API query store by starting from a fresh database. This requires to drop the database used to back the query store (check with your database's vendor documentation on how to do this) and then restart the JSON API by either:
  • pass start-mode=create-only as part of the --query-store-jdbc-config CLI parameter and then start it with start-mode=start-only
  • pass start-mode=create-and-start as part of the --query-store-jdbc-config CLI parameter

You can install 1.17.1 using:

daml install 1.17.1

Complete release notes for the 1.17.x release can be found here