Release of Daml Connect 1.14.2

Daml Connect 1.14.2 has been released to fix a bug that could lead to errors in participant nodes in specific cases as noted below. This release also includes a few feature additions as well.

Ledger API Server
  • The state of the participant indexer can now be checked via the GRPC health endpoint.
  • Ledger API Validation failures are now logged at INFO level.
  • Fixed a bug in the integration kit which could lead to errors in the participant node in cases where duplicate contract keys are shared only through the witnessing of create events.
  • The healthcheck endpoint on the JSON API now proxies the health check endpoint on the underlying ledger. Previously it only queried for ledger end to determine ledger health.
  • Fixed JSON API log output so it could be specified via CLI options.
  • Observability of the JSON API Server has been improved through better logging and metrics.
  • Fixed duplicate logging of error messages from the CommandService

You can install 1.14.2 using:

daml install 1.14.2

Complete release notes for the 1.14.x release can be found here. Changes to logging are back ported from 1.15.0 and detailed release notes can be found here.