Release of Daml Connect 1.11.3

Daml Connect 1.11.3 has been released.

  • Improvements to the observability of the HTTP-JSON API:
    • All of the additional metrics and logging added to Daml up to the 1.18.0 release have been backported to this version
    • The HTTP-JSON API can be configured to use JSON as its logging format with the --log-encoder json CLI option
    • The HTTP-JSON API log level can be configured with the --log-level CLI option

  • A bugfix has been backported for the HTTP-JSON API that prevents an error if a large number of contracts are deleted at once from the query store (the error is reported on the Oracle database and causes a stack overflow exception on the HTTP-JSON API server process on PostgreSQL)
  • The HTTP-JSON API now backpressures instead of accumulating ever larger updates if the query store cannot keep up with the writes
  • The HTTP-JSON API now uses a configurable pool to manage connections to the query store
  • The interpretation of a command is now retried up to 3 times in case of a race with other transactions. This fix drastically reduces the likelihood of the error "Could not find a suitable ledger time after 0 retries". For every update in the index database log the full context can be found at the INFO level.

    You can install 1.11.3 using:

daml install 1.11.3

Complete release notes for the 1.11.x release can be found here.