Release of Daml Connect 1.11.1

Daml Connect 1.11.1 has been released to fix a few bugs, namely:

  • An issue with the JSON API's websocket heartbeating, which was causing trouble for some using this functionality.
  • Ledger Pruning was supposed to become a generally available feature with 1.11.0, but we missed to update the documentation to that effect and didn't include it in the release notes. With 1.11.1, we are now retro-actively declaring Ledger Pruning stable on Ledger API 1.10.
  • There was a bug in CommandService and client bindings, which could cause problems in situations with a lot of timeouts.

You can install 1.11.1 using:

daml install 1.11.1

Complete release notes for the 1.11.x release can be found here.