Release of Daml SDK 1.0.1

This is a bugfix release. All users of SDK 1.0.0 are encouraged to upgrade at their earliest convenience.

This release fixes 3 issues:

  1. Fix an issue with false negative key lookups by non-stakeholders. ( This issue affected the new sandbox released in SDK 1.0 (but not sandbox-classic) as well as the scenario service. Both sandbox and the scenario service behave properly now.
  2. Fix a crash in the scenario service. SDK 1.0 introduced a bug where the scenario service would crash if a failing transaction references a transient contract. In Daml Studio this error was shown as Scenario service backend error: BErrorClient (ClientIOError (GRPCIOBadStatusCode StatusUnknown (StatusDetails {unStatusDetails = \“\”})))
  3. Fix an issue where the new sandbox introduced in SDK 1.0 incorrectly rejected certain commands relying on getTime during validation ( This was only an issue if you set either min_ledger_time_rel or min_ledger_time_abs.