Release of Daml SDK 0.13.51

JSON API - Experimental

  • In websocket endpoints, if a created and archived contract
    in the same result array share a contract key, the archived is
    guaranteed to occur earlier in the array than the created. See
    issue #4354.

Daml Assistant

  • Bash and Zsh completions will now fall back to regular file
    completions after the command argument.
  • The Daml assistant will now shut down long-running processes like
    daml sandbox when stdin is closed. This is mainly useful on
    Windows, where process APIs often kill the process in a way that
    does not allow it to do any cleanup, in particular, we cannot stop
    child processes.


  • Added a test case to the participant state tests to ensure your
    ledger state is resumable upon restart.


  • Fix an error that stops the server from exiting cleanly if API
    server initialization fails.

Daml Stdlib

  • Added partition function to prelude.


  • Updated roadmap to reflect the current state.