Release of Daml SDK 0.13.50

Daml Compiler

  • damlc test now initializes the packagedb automatically which means
    that it will work on projects that declare custom dependencies in
    daml.yaml without having to call damlc init first.
  • Choices marked explicitly as preconsuming are now equivalent to a
    nonconsuming choice that calls archive self at the beginning.

Daml Integration Kit

  • The simplified kvutils API now uses com.digitalasset.resources to
    manage acquiring and releasing resources instead of Closeable.

Daml Standard Library

  • Add CanAbort instance for Either Text.

Daml Studio

  • Support all build-options supported by daml build.


  • On initialization error, report the error correctly and exit with a
    status code of 1. Previously, the program would hang indefinitely.
    (This regression was introduced in v0.13.41.)
  • Upgrade the Flyway database migrations library from v5 to v6.

Daml Triggers - Experimental

  • Daml triggers can now be tested in scenarios. Specifically, a
    trigger's rule can be executed in a scenario and assertions
    performed on the emitted commands.