Release of Daml SDK 0.13.43

Daml Compiler

  • The build-options field from daml.yaml is now also respected when --project-root is used.

Daml SDK

  • Docker images for this release and releases in the future are built using the Dockerfile of the corresponding git tag and are therefore stable. Previously, they were updated whenever the Dockerfile changed.

Ledger API Server

  • BREAKING CHANGE lookupByKey now requires the submitter to be a stakeholder on the referenced contract. See issue #2311 and issue #3543.
  • Metrics: Update dropwizard to version 4.1.2.
  • Authorization: Support elliptic curve algorithm for JWT verification.


  • Allow submitMustFail in scenarios used for sandbox initialization.
  • Loosen database schema to allow persistence of transaction ledger entries where no submitter info is present (typically when the submitter is hosted by another participant node).
  • Daml trace logs (trace, traceRaw, traceId) are now logged via the regular logging system (slf4j+logback) at interpretation time via the logger daml.tracelog at DEBUG level.
  • Fix bug that can cause the transaction stream to not terminate. See issue #3984.

Daml Triggers - Experimental

  • You can now configure a heartbeat message to be sent at a regular time interval.

JSON API - Experimental

  • The /contracts/search endpoint reports unresolved template IDs as warnings. See issue #3771.
  • Use JSON string to encode template IDs. Use colon (:) to separate parts of the ID. The request format, with optional package ID:
    • "<module>:<entity>"

    "<package ID>:<module>:<entity>" The response always contains fully qualified template ID in the format:- "<package ID>:<module>:<entity>" See issue #3647.

  • Align contract table with domain.ActiveContract class. The database schema has changed, if using --query-store-jdbc-config, you must rebuild the database by adding ,createSchema=true. See issue #3754.
  • The witnessParties field is removed from all JSON responses.


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