Release of Daml SDK 0.13.42

JSON API - Experimental

  • Rename argument in active contract to payload. See #3826.
  • Change variant JSON encoding. The new format is { tag: data-constructor, value: argument }. For example, if we have: data Foo = Bar Int | Baz, these are all valid JSON encodings for values of type Foo:
    • {"tag": "Bar", "value": 42}
    • {"tag": "Baz", "value": {}} See #3622
  • Fix /contracts/lookup find by contract key.
  • Fix /command/exercise to support any LF type as a choice argument. See #3390

Daml Compiler

  • Move more types from daml-stdlib to standalone LF packages. The module names for the types have also changed slightly. This only matters over the Ledger API when you specify the module name explicitly. In Daml you should continue to use the existing module names.
    • The types from DA.Semigroup are now in a separate package under DA.Semigroup.Types
    • The types from DA.Monoid are now in a separate package under DA.Monoid.Types
    • The types from DA.Time are now in a separate package under DA.Time.Types
    • The types from DA.Validation` are now in a separate package under DA.Validation.Types``
    • The types from DA.Logic are now in a separate package under DA.Logic.Types
    • The types from DA.Date are now in a separate package under DA.Date.Types.
    • The Down type from DA.Internal.Prelude is now in a separate package under DA.Internal.Down.

Daml SDK

  • daml damlc docs now accepts a --exclude-instances option to exclude unwanted instance docs by class name.


  • Made ledger api server to bind to localhost by default instead to the public interface for security reasons.

Daml Assistant

  • Bash completions for the Daml assistant are now available via daml install. These will be installed automatically on Linux and Mac. If you use bash and have bash completions installed, these bash completions let you use the tab key to autocomplete many Daml Assistant commands, such as daml install and daml version.
  • Zsh completions for the Daml Assistant are now installed as part of daml install. To activate them you need to add ~/.daml/zsh to your $fpath, e.g., by adding fpath=(~/.daml/zsh $fpath) to the beginning of your ~/.zshrc before you call compinit.

Daml Script - Experimental

  • Allow running Daml scripts as test-cases. Executing daml test-script --dar mydar.dar will execute all definitions matching the type Script a as test-cases. See #3687 <>__.

Reference v2

  • On an exception, shut down everything and crash. Previously, the server would stay in a half-running state.


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