Release of Daml SDK 0.13.40

Daml Compiler

  • The modules DA.Types and GHC.Tuple from daml-prim have been moved to separate DALF packages.
  • Fixed an issue where packages produced by damlc resulted in type errors during validation by Daml engine.


  • The sandbox JWT authentication now respects the ledgerId and participantId fields of the token payload.
  • Improve loading of active contracts for the Sandbox SQL backend.
  • AuthService implementations can now restrict the validity of access tokens to a single ledger or participant.

Java Client

  • Ensure the access token is initialized when using a deprecated constructor.

RxJava Bindings

  • Added a method to the Bot class allowing users to specify a Scheduler to use for running the bot. See issue #2356.

Java Bindings

  • Removed warnings in code emitted by the Java Codegen.


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