Release of Daml SDK 0.13.34

Daml-LF - Internal

  • Freeze Daml-LF 1.7. Summary of changes (See Daml-LF specification for more details.):
    • Add support for parametrically scaled Numeric type.
    • Drop support of Decimal in favor or Numerics.
    • Add interning of strings and names. This reduces drastically dar file size.
    • Add support for 'Any' type.
    • Add support for type representation values.
  • Add immutable bintray/maven packages for handling Daml-LF archive up to version 1.7:
    • com.digitalasset.daml-lf-1.7-archive-protoThis package contains the archive protobuf definitions as they were introduced when 1.7 was frozen. These definitions can be used to read Daml-LF archives up to version 1.7.

Daml Triggers

  • Triggers must now be compiled with daml build --target 1.7 instead of