Release of Daml SDK v0.13.31


  • Party management fix, see issue #3177.
  • The maximum allowed TTL for commands is now configurable via the --max-ttl-seconds parameter, for example: daml sandbox --max-ttl-seconds 300.
  • Fixed a bug where CreatedEvent#event_id field is not properly filled by ActiveContractsService. See issue #65.

Daml SDK

  • Shrink docker image containing the full Daml SDK from 2.8 GB to 1.2 GB.


  • Accept and use an access token to be used against Ledger API servers that require authentication, see issue #3156.
  • Demo-oriented password workflow has been removed.

Scala Bindings

  • Expose new method to construct channels for more granular control over the client creation process.

JSON API - Experimental

  • Add /parties endpoint.

Daml Triggers - Experimental

  • The trigger runner now logs output from traceerror and failed command completions and hides internal debugging output.

Daml-LF - Internal

  • Changed the name of the bintray/maven package from com.digitalasset.daml-lf-archive-scala to com.digitalasset.daml-lf-archive-reader