Release of Daml SDK v0.13.29

JSON API - Experimental

  • Returning archived and active/created contracts from /command/exercise enpoint. See issue #2925.
  • Flattening the output of the /contracts/search endpoint. The endpoint returns ActiveContract objects without GetActiveContractsResponse wrappers. See issue #2987.


  • Bundle the daml-trigger package. Note, this package is experimental and will change.
  • Releases can now bundle additional libraries with the SDK in $Daml_SDK/daml-libs. You can refer to them in your daml.yaml file by listing the package name without .dar extension. See issue #2979.

Daml Studio

  • damlc ide now also supports a --target option. The easiest way to specify this is the build-options field in daml.yaml.
  • Fix a bug where the same module was imported twice under different file paths caused module name collisions. See issue #3099.


  • Improve SQL backend performance by eliminating extra queries to the database.
  • Enhance logging to correlate log messages with the associated participant id in multi-participant node tests and environments
  • Ledger api server indexer closes akka system on shutdown.
  • The ledger api server now stores divulged, otherwise unknown contracts.

Daml Visualization

  • Adding daml damlc visual-web command. visual-command generates webpage with d3 network.

Daml Ledger Integration Kit

  • The transaction service is now fully tested.
  • The TTL for commands is now read from the configuration service.
  • The contract key tests now live under a single test suite and are multi-node aware.

Daml Compiler

  • Fix a problem where constraints of the form Template (Foo t) caused the compiler to suggest enabling the UndecidableInstances language extension.
  • Generic template instantiations like template instance IouProposal = Proposal Iou now generate a type synonym type IouProposal = Proposal Iou that can be used in Daml. Before, they generated a newtype, which cannot be used anymore.
  • Fixed a bug where damlc build sometimes did not find modules during typechecking even if they were present during parallel compilations.


  • Document how to verify the signature on release tarballs.