Release of Daml SDK v0.13.23

Daml Integration Kit

  • The reference implementation can now spin up multiple nodes, either scaling a single participant horizontally or adding new participants. Check the CLI --help option.
  • The test tool now runs the double spend test on a shared contract in a multi-node setup (as well as single-node).
  • The test tool can now run all semantic test in a multi-node setup.

Daml Standard Library

  • BREAKING CHANGE The (/) operator was moved out of the Fractional typeclass into a separate Divisible typeclass, which is now the parent class of Fractional. The Int instance of Fractional is discontinued, but there is an Int instance of Divisible. This change will break projects that rely on the Fractional Int instance. To fix that, change the code to rely on Divisible Int instead. This change will also break projects where a Fractional instance is defined. To fix that, add a Divisible instance and move the definition of (/) there.

Daml Assistant

  • The HTTP JSON API is now integrated with the assistant and distributed with the SDK. It can either be launched via daml json-api or via daml start. You can find more information in the README.
  • The daml.yaml file now supports an additional field build-options, which you can use to list cli options you want added to invocations of daml build and daml ide.


  • BREAKING CHANGE The /contracts/search request payload must use "%templates" in place of "templateIds" to select which templates' contracts are returned. See issue #2777.

Daml Compiler