Release of Daml SDK v0.13.19


  • Fixed a bug that prevented the ledger from loading transactions with empty workflow ids.
  • Fixed internal shutdown order to avoid dead letter warnings when stopping Sandbox/Ledger API Server. See issue #1886.

Daml Studio

  • Added a new command for visualizing a project in the IDE.
  • Print stack trace when a scenario fails.
  • Various memory leaks have been fixed so long-running sessions should no longer show a significant increase in memory usage.

Daml Compiler

  • The --project-root option now works properly with relative paths in daml build.
  • Support generic template declarations and instances. Documentation for generic templates is still being worked on.
  • The --dump-pom flag from damlc package has been removed as packaging has not relied on POM files for a while.


  • {"None": {}} and {"Some": value}, where previously accepted, are no longer supported or used for Daml Optional values. Instead, for simple cases, use the plain value for Some, and null for None. See issue #2361 for other cases.


  • A new, more intuitive JSON format for Daml values is supported. See issue #2361.