Release of Daml SDK v0.13.16

Daml Compiler

  • BREAKING CHANGE Handwritten instances of Template and Choice typeclasses are no longer supported. All template constructs must be defined using declarations inside template syntax.

Daml Docs

  • The damlc docs command now produces docs to a folder by default. Use the new --combine flag to output a single file instead.
  • The damlc docs flag --prefix has been replaced with a --template flag which allows for a more flexible template.
  • The damlc docs flag --json has been dropped in favor of --format=json.


  • BREAKING CHANGE Changed schema to accomodate removed field ExercisedEvent#contract_creating_event_id. Existing database schemas are not compatible anymore with the newer version. The extractor needs to be run on an empty schema from Ledger Begin.

Java Bindings

  • Add all packages of java bindings to the javadocs. See #2280.
  • BREAKING CHANGE Removed field ExercisedEvent#contract_creating_event_id. See #2068.

Ledger API

  • BREAKING CHANGE Removed field ExercisedEvent#contract_creating_event_id. See #2068.


  • The active contract service correctly serves stakeholders. See #2070.
  • Added the --maxInboundMessageSize CLI parameter to set the maximux size of messages received through the Ledger API. If the value is not set the current default is preserved (4 MB).
  • Makes package uploads idempotent and tolerate partial duplicates. See #2130.