How to Build Distributed Applications Today with the Option to Decentralize Later

Digital Asset launches DAML for PostgreSQL

Distributed applications have been popularized by distributed ledger technologies (DLT), especially blockchain. With that growing popularity, misnomers have surfaced leaving many organizations believing they can only build multi-party applications on a blockchain. We are here to dispel the myth. Blockchain is not the only solution. You can build distributed applications using different technologies, including traditional databases; and, with a path to decentralization when you are ready.

Introducing DAML for PostgreSQL

Either internally or externally, most companies struggle with historically complex business processes, involving numerous touch points, data governance and cross-departmental workflows. Keeping these systems in sync is a complex matter often only addressable by manual checking and reconciliation. There is also the financial burden. As companies expand and modernize, manual processes can inhibit revenue generating activities and increase operational expenditure. Also, not every company is ready to deploy a DLT-based platform or is working through budget and IT approvals to get a blockchain project off the ground.

For enterprises wanting to improve collaboration and automate repeatable workflows using distributed applications, Digital Asset offers an alternative solution to DLT and blockchain. In cases where you don’t need a fully decentralized blockchain network, you can still use the power of DAML, an immutable, programmable smart contract language sans the extra complexities, and pair it with PostgreSQL, giving you DAML for PostgreSQL, a DLT-like environment without the DLT. DAML for PostgreSQL builds on legacy infrastructure while providing additional privacy and controls to all application users through the use of DAML smart contracts. DAML digitizes workflows and models business logic into distributed applications. DAML for PostgreSQL also acts as a stepping stone to prove out blockchain and DLT investments.

Don’t let the financial and operational overhead of managing a new technology stack get you down. Start unlocking innovation today with DAML for PostgreSQL. Deploy production-ready and multi-party applications on current infrastructure and migrate anytime when business needs change without losing valuable code.


Learn more about DAML for PostgreSQL here.