Enhancing Corda with DAML Smart Contracts

IntellectEU and DataArt now support DAML smart contracts on Corda Blockchain

We’re really excited that two of our partners, IntellectEU and DataArt, just announced they’re offering commercial support for DAML integration with R3’s Corda! Now, in addition to supported platforms like VMware Blockchain, Hyperledger Fabric, and AWS Aurora, you can deploy your DAML applications (unchanged!) to the open source distribution of Corda and Corda Enterprise, including deploying to existing Corda networks.

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Corda is a widely used, enterprise-grade distributed ledger with adoption in a whole host of vertical markets. Corda comes in two flavors, commercially supported Corda Enterprise from its creators, R3, and Corda Open Source, the free community edition. DAML is a popular and flexible framework for building connected applications for all kinds of use cases. It hides all the messy platform details so developers only have to think about the business solution.

Why DAML and Corda?

DAML and Corda enable customers to develop applications that span markets both securely and privately. Both DAML and Corda have been designed from the ground up around the principles of only sharing information with those with a need to know, making them a natural pairing that promises to turn into a long and happy marriage.

The DAML on Corda integration is ready for customers today and we’ve chosen to be thoughtful about how we release it to the market. To this end, we’ve partnered with a couple of innovative systems integrators with world class expertise in both platforms - IntellectEU and DataArt.

IntellectEU have been long friends of Digital Asset’s. They were early adopters of DAML and we’ve worked together on a number of projects over the years. They’re also close partners with R3 and have a tremendous amount of Corda expertise. They were an obvious choice for a launch partner for DAML on Corda.

DataArt came to DAML later, but has embraced the technology enthusiastically. They were early DLT proponents and have years of experience in trying numerous ways to write distributed applications! DataArt brings a wealth of cross industry expertise to the partnership, covering healthcare, retail, media, logistics, and our home base of capital markets.

Today, the story we want to tell is about our customers – companies who have been clamoring for a way to develop applications in DAML and run them on the Corda platform. This is now a reality: anyone with a Corda Enterprise or Corda Open Source network can install DAML on Corda, deploy their DAML application, and get support under tight SLAs from expert vendors.

We’re really excited about the possibilities DAML on Corda can bring to the market. Anyone with an existing DAML application can deploy it to a Corda network without rewriting a single line of DAML code. One of DAML’s core promises is the ability for developers to write their apps in DAML without having to worry about what ledger to use until later. Now that Corda is a first-class option that decision might be a bit easier.


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