Abstracting Away the Complexities of Blockchain and Smart Contracts

Guest post from Duncan Johnson-Watt, CEO, Blockchain Technology Partners

Implementing new technology across the enterprise is a time consuming, complex process and blockchain is no exception to the rule. According to Gartner’s recent “CIO Guide to Blockchain”, only 3 percent of CIOs have a form of live and operational blockchain for their business; however, business leaders are seeking ways to utilize this transformative technology to automate multi-party transactions across internal and external teams, and produce a single source of truth for that data.

A blockchain infrastructure management platform to accelerate adoption
With blockchain still in its infancy from achieving global adoption across all industries, organizations are finding it difficult to secure large investment dollars for infrastructure deployment and management, and to find developers with the smart contract expertise to build multi-party applications. Additionally, many IT organizations do not have the time or resources to build a production ready blockchain network for distributed applications. What businesses need is a management platform that simplifies the deployment and ongoing management of distributed, multi-party applications and a smart contract language that abstracts away the complexity of the underlying infrastructure for speedy time to market builds of decentralized applications.

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Smart contracts across industry-best blockchain persistence layers

Digital Asset and Blockchain Technology Partners have joined forces to accelerate blockchain adoption and bring innovative applications to market faster with Sextant for DAML. This offering enables businesses to deploy DAML smart contracts across industry-best blockchain persistence layers using their DAML Driver license entitlements for Hyperledger Sawtooth and Besu, as well as Amazon QLDB and Aurora.

Sextant for DAML, a blockchain infrastructure management that frees up resources to focus on DAML applications

DAML is the native smart contract language that enables rapid multi-party application development and platform independence. With DAML, developers only have to code using business logic, while the DAML runtime and DAML integration layer manages everything else. Sextant is the infrastructure management platform that provides one-click deployment of decentralized DAML applications across supported networks on-premises or in the cloud utilizing Kubernetes containers, enabling the broadest range of deployment.

Learn More about DAML Drivers

A recent example of Sextant for DAML in action is the Demex Group’s new paradigm to customize and deliver climate-resilience through financial risk platforms. The Demex Group, a leading technology company that shields customers from financial surprises of volatile weather, underpins their risk provider platform with Sextant for DAML. The Demex Group can now deliver a customized transaction platform for risk providers that leverages smart contracts and blockchain to streamline multi-party workflows while facilitating more transparent transactions. This solution helps end users creatively analyze client exposure and develop bespoke financial risk solutions.

In the November 2020 press release, Ed Byrns, President and CEO of The Demex Group stated, “We selected Sextant for DAML to allow us to fully realize its benefits by providing us with a stable platform to build upon, accelerating our development and reducing our time to market.”

Sextant utilizes Kubernetes to simplify deployment and management of distributed ledgers and smart contract infrastructure

Behind the scenes, Sextant uses parameterized helm charts to achieve the broadest range of deployment through Kubernetes orchestration. Sextant can be integrated into an enterprise’s CI/CD pipeline using its API technology. Alternatively, the Sextant UX renders these parameters in easy to use dialogs. Users can import the details of the Kubernetes clusters they are entitled to use and then select the appropriate DAML Driver to target these clusters for the actual DAML application deployment.

Sextant also maintains and tests DAML applications to ensure optimal performance. Moreover, Sextant for DAML is delivered as enterprise software rather than a centralized managed service, this enables enterprises to deploy flexibly and on their own terms.

With Sextant for DAML, businesses can instantly deploy DAML applications in production without the operational complexity. To learn more about DAML, DAML Drivers, and Sextant for DAML, visit https://blockchaintp.com/sextant/daml/ .