Digital Asset Expands DAML Certification Program

Spurred by demand from enterprises to be DAML-certified, program validates expertise in smart contracts and distributed ledger technology

November 10

Certification is a great way for developers, solution architects, engineers and system administrators to demonstrate their expertise in a particular skill that employers and potential customers deem valuable. As DAML continues to gain momentum, Digital Asset has expanded its DAML Certification Program, adding new expert and enterprise level accreditations.

The DAML Certification Program offers multiple tiers to becoming DAML certified. Certification starts with a strong foundation, the DAML Associate certification. Participants can then demonstrate their expertise further in four role-based tracks: Contract Developer, Solutions Architecture, Application Engineering, and Ledger Specializations, and can culminate with the most comprehensive credential, DAML Enterprise Certification. Participants can learn at their own pace and require no previous knowledge of DAML to get started. The exams run from 60 minutes for Associate certification up to 90 minutes for specialization certifications.

“Developer certifications can bring value to both employers and customers,” said Kishore Seshagiri, Head of Broadridge’s Blockchain Center of Excellence. “As DAML continues to gain momentum, a DAML certification will carry a lot of weight, particularly in financial services."

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“As the demand for DAML capabilities grows, developers need to have the right tools and skillsets in place to maximize the full potential of DAML,” said Chris Olson, Director of Developer Relations, Digital Asset.

Several world-class organizations have already partnered with Digital Asset to offer innovative solutions using DAML and a number of them are leveraging the DAML Certification Program. These companies include Accenture, Block8, Brillio, DigitalX, GFT, Infosys, Innover Digital, IntellectEU, Knoldus, Magic FinServ, and Wipro.

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