DAML Named the Exclusive Smart Contract Language for China’s Blockchain Services Network

National Blockchain Infrastructure backed by State Information Center, China Mobile, China UnionPay, and Red Date Technology selects DAML, created by Digital Asset, for unified smart contracts

September 14, 2020

Red Date Technology and Digital Asset announced an agreement to integrate DAML smart contract technology with China’s Blockchain Services Network (BSN). As a part of the agreement, DAML, will be the exclusive standard for developing decentralized applications (dApps) built on the BSN. The companies will begin with a rapid pilot demonstrating the deployment of a DAML application interoperating across two ledgers - Hyperledger Fabric and WeBank’s FISCO BCOS - as well as integration into the core BSN architecture, targeted for completion by November 2020. Following the pilot, general availability for developers building with DAML on BSN is anticipated in 2021.

The BSN provides businesses deploying decentralized applications with a low cost deployment tool across multiple different protocols. Adding DAML will enable interoperability of applications regardless of the underlying blockchain technology used. Today, each blockchain platform has its own smart contract language and framework for building applications. This leads to applications that have to be written specifically for each protocol, and so are unable to interoperate. DAML and the BSN will allow developers to write their smart contracts once, deploy to their preferred platform, and interoperate with any other application on a BSN network.


“We are excited to have Digital Asset supporting our mission for the BSN,” said Mrs Min Tan, China Mobile, and Secretary General of the BSN Development Association. “The BSN needs a unified smart contract programming language for our developer community and open source DAML smart contract technology is the perfect fit."

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“We are looking forward to continuing our work to integrate DAML with FISCO BCOS as part of the BSN. We see great opportunity to reach a much broader developer community,” said Mr Ruibin Fan, Head of Blockchain Technology at WeBank.

“BSN’s vision is aligned with ours at Digital Asset,” said Yuval Rooz, Co-founder and CEO, Digital Asset. "There are multiple blockchain platforms available and more coming to market. The creation of a low cost and interoperable tool to unify these platforms is key to global adoption."

Since launching in April 2020, the BSN has quickly emerged as one of the largest and fastest growing enterprise blockchain ecosystems in the world. Designed as the backbone infrastructure of the Digital Silk Road, the BSN has already seen the deployment of more than 1,000 live blockchain applications in use across enterprises and government organizations in China. It has deployed 130 public city nodes connecting over 80 cities across mainland China and already has 15 public city nodes in countries around the world. By 2021, the BSN expects to have over 10 permissioned and 50 public blockchain protocols for developers to use at low cost on its network, spanning across the globe.

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