Broadridge: Distributed Repo

  Broadridge Financial Solutions writes about why the repo market presents an ideal use case for distributed ledger technology and why they're using DAML to build an innovative  bilateral repo platform. Imagine a world where all participants on a repo transaction share a single view throughout the lifecycle of the trade. Where having a single source of record on a platform that defined...
Read More Functional programming reaches for stardom in finance

Would you like your software to be more reliable, harder to hack and cheaper to run? Then, if you aren’t already in on the act, it may be time to embrace functional programming – a maths-based approach that is challenging the status quo at financial firms. Proponents of functional languages say they are better at handling certain financial operations than the dominant, so-called...
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Barron's: 4 Women Who Make a Difference in Blockchain

  Big technology companies have routinely failed to hire women for new projects, or promote them to management and board positions. But with blockchain, women have led the way on some of the most important projects, both at tech companies and start-ups. Read More > (subscription required)
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