Digital Asset Expands DAML for Corda Integration Support with Chainstack

Chainstack joins growing list of partners supporting DAML for Corda integration

September 24

We’re thrilled to add Chainstack to our growing list of partners supporting DAML for Corda integration.

The first phase, starting today, will see DAML being made available on Chainstack for Corda as an early access feature, with other protocols and platforms to be added over time, including Corda Enterprise and Hyperledger Fabric.

Write once, deploy anywhere

In August, systems integrators IntellectEU and DataArt announced their plans to provide commercial support for DAML for Corda integration. Chainstack provides another option, with a different approach. Chainstack has integrated DAML into its platform that supports Bitcoin, Corda, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, MultiChain and Quorum. With Chainstack’s intuitive console and turnkey deployment feature, the integration of DAML on Chainstack platform will allow enterprises and developers to embed blockchain applications and networks, such as Corda, speedily with existing legacy

We’re really excited about the possibilities of what a DAML integration with Corda can bring to the market. Anyone with an existing DAML application can deploy it to a Corda network without rewriting a single line of DAML code. Anyone using Chainstack’s platform can do the same and much more.

Watch this space! We are adding more partners to support your DAML for Corda integration needs, regularly.

Read Chainstack’s announcement here.