Release of Daml SDK v0.13.30

Daml Standard Library

  • Add DA.Action.State module containing a State action that can be used for computations that modify a state variable.
  • Add createAndExercise.

Daml Compiler

  • Fixed the location of interface files when the source field in daml.yaml points to a file. This is mainly important for when you want to use the created .dar in the dependencies field of another package. See issue #3135.


  • Breaking Rename Daml-LF Archive protobuf package from com.digitalasset.daml_lf to com.digitalasset.daml_lf_dev. This will only affect you do not use the Daml-LF Archive reader provided with the SDK but a custom one based on code generation by protoc.
  • Breaking Some bintray/maven packages are renamed:
    • com.digitalasset.daml-lf-proto becomes com.digitalasset.daml-lf-dev-archive-proto
    • com.digitalasset.daml-lf-archive becomes com.digitalasset:daml-lf-dev-archive-java-proto
    • com.digitalasset.daml-lf-archive-scala becomes com.digitalasset.daml-lf-archive-reader
  • Add immutable bintray/maven packages for handling Daml-LF archive up to version 1.6 in a stable way:
    • com.digitalasset.daml-lf-1.6-archive-protoThis package contains the archive protobuf definitions as they were introduced when 1.6 was frozen. These definitions can be used to read Daml-LF archives up to version 1.6.The main advantage of this package over the dev version (com.digitalasset.daml-lf-dev-archive-proto) is that it is immutable (it is guaranteed to never changed once introduced in the SDK). In other words one can used it without suffering frequent breaking changes introduced in the dev version.Going forward the SKD will contain a similar immutable package containning the proto definition for at least each Daml-LF version the compiler supports.We strongly advise anyone reading Daml-LF Archive directly to use this package (or the com.digitalasset:daml-lf-1.6-archive-java-proto package described below). Breaking changes to the dev version may be introduced frequently and without further notice in the release notes.
    • com.digitalasset:daml-lf-1.6-archive-java-protoThis package contains the java classes generated from the package com.digitalasset.daml-lf-1.6-archive-proto

Daml-SDK Docker Image

  • This release contains a first version of an experimental Daml triggers feature that allows you to implement off-ledger automation in Daml.

Daml-SDK Docker Image

  • The image now contains a daml user and the SDK is installed to /home/daml/.daml/home/daml/.daml/bin is automatically added to PATH.

JSON API - Experimental

  • Support for automatic package reload See issue #2906.

JSON API - Experimental

  • Add helper to prepare transformer for Bot.wire. See issue #3097.

Java Bindings

  • The ledger api index server starts only after the indexer has finished initializing the database.


  • The ledger api index server starts only after the indexer has finished initializing the database.


  • Filter contracts or contracts keys in the database query for parties that cannot see them.

Scala Bindings

  • Fixed a bug in the retry logic of LedgerClientBinding#retryingConfirmedCommands. Commands are now only retried when the server responds with status RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED or UNAVAILABLE.

Scala Codegen

  • Fixes for StackOverflowErrors in reading large LF archives. See issue #3104

SQL Extractor

  • The format used for storing Optional and Map values found in contracts as JSON has been replaced with :doc:/json-api/lf-value-specification. See issue #3066 for specifics.