Smart contract language: the real arbiter of truth?

DAML helps preserve the confidentiality of sensitive DLT contractual information

In this blog series, the value of evidentiary, or audit ‘trails’ that record the results of contract execution has been voiced a couple of times: first from Simon and Neil in their blog entry What properties must an Enterprise smart contract language have? (“For a contract to be enforceable … a tamper-proof trail of evidence showing that agreements were entered into voluntarily by all of the contract’s stakeholders [must be preserved]”), then Ben and Edward in A new language for a new paradigm: smart contracts (“the very execution of a DAML program also creates a structured, human understandable audit trail that explains exactly why each action was performed”).

Why does Digital Asset place so much emphasis on this, and why exactly can a system based on our smart contract language, DAML, deliver a rich evidentiary trail while others cannot?

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