Keeping smart contracts private is hard, unless you truly understand them

DAML helps preserve the confidentiality of sensitive DLT contractual information

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) promises to break down information silos between mutually distrusting parties while maintaining integrity, availability, and privacy. In “Trust but verify” is a valuable DLT model — does your language support it?, Alex and Ratko showed how Digital Asset’s contract modeling language, DAML, is designed to help developers streamline multi-party business flows — thus improving availability in a set of market infrastructures. DAML similarly assists the developer in preserving privacy while maintaining the integrity of the ledger — and that will be the topic of this post. We start by defining what privacy means, and then show how some prominent DLT technologies stack up to this definition. Finally, we show how, thanks to DAML, the DA Platform achieves privacy without sacrificing integrity and compare our approach to other DLT technologies.

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