Changing the game in sports wagering

As tokenization use cases extend beyond capital markets and into industries like sports wagering, Digital Asset is bringing our experience in financial services to bear to help a diverse range of enterprises rethink how they serve their clients and build value.

Our differentiated technology stack—which includes Daml, our smart contract language, and Canton, a scalable, privacy-enabled blockchain—has made Digital Asset the market leader in trade facilitation, high-performance and peak-throughput volume processing, and creating new models in post-trade and settlement across capital markets and stock exchanges. Now we’re applying our technology and expertise to the world of sports wagering and high-volume bet processing.

Applying asset tokenization to sports wagering

Like countless other industries, sports wagering is undergoing radical digital transformation. Sports books and related facilitators are experimenting with technologies and delivery models to connect with new customers, all in an industry with unique regulatory considerations. 

A major objective across wagering providers is greater pool liquidity. Distributed ledger technology (DLT) like Daml + Canton enables seamless connection and settlement across global racing partners, generating platform traffic and activity in pools previously not possible with legacy systems. To this end, Digital Asset is working with the largest horse racing club in the world to build a major sports betting pool. This new platform, powered by Daml and Canton, will seamlessly connect the world’s largest betting pools to major horse racing jurisdictions.

With Daml, enterprises can tokenize simple and exotic bet types across commingling partners, enabling real-time data synchronization with built-in privacy and scalability. This means that platforms can tokenize complex bet types for each jurisdiction and automatically apply host-market compliance requirements in real-time, enabling the automation of workflows across all commingling partners globally. Such functionality is essential in an industry with constantly growing user expectations and ever-changing regulatory considerations.

Bet processing and settlement powered by DLT

Daml also enables atomic bet processing and settlement while preserving complete privacy of sensitive customer data across the entire lifecycle of the bet—a critical and unique functionality among blockchain platforms today.

Deploying an ecosystem of interconnected pools of bets onto a private, distributed network is a significant step forward for the digitization of sports wagering. By increasing pool liquidity and processing bets individually rather than collating them, Digital Asset can help improve bet visibility and offer a seamless user experience.