Digital Asset Co-Founder and CEO Yuval Rooz Appointed As a Member of CFTC’s Subcommittee on Digital Asset Markets

The new 36-member subcommittee will identify and assess key issues and policy proposals concerning digital asset markets. 

Digital Asset announced today that Yuval Rooz, Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Asset, was appointed as a member of the new Digital Asset Markets subcommittee of the U.S. Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Global Market Advisory Committee (GMAC).

“I am honored to have been chosen as a member of the CFTC’s new subcommittee on Digital Asset Markets,” said Yuval Rooz, Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Asset. “Digital Asset is a leader in this space, working with financial market participants to securely tokenize assets and leverage blockchain technology while adhering to the existing regulatory frameworks that safeguard our markets. This initiative by the CFTC is a great opportunity to further that collaboration while fostering a deeper understanding of the benefits of these technologies with financial regulators. I look forward to working with fellow experts and policymakers to progress this important market transformation.”

The formation of the Digital Asset Subcommittee, which is comprised of leading industry professionals from across financial services, is tasked with identifying key issues and reporting recommendations to financial regulators, addressing ways to minimize market risks to U.S. and global capital markets.  

This appointment confirms Digital Asset’s commitment as an industry participant to operating with a purpose and delivering value to its customers and the broader financial community.

Click here to read the CFTC’s new committee announcement.