Release of Daml 2.6.1

 Daml 2.6.1 has been released. You can install it using:

daml install 2.6.1


This is a maintenance release, addressing a couple of issues.

What’s new


  • Fixed a performance degradation in the mediator and database sequencer that leads to slow performance degradations after running a process for days.
  • Fixed an issue introducing undesired table migrations when running canton with the `non-standard-config` flag.
  • Fixed a startup issue where a domain manager / mediator sequencer connection couldn't be changed without starting up cleanly.
  • Fixed an issue where high available sequencer readers were creating higher database load than necessary.
  • Fixed an issue in high available database sequencer setups with automatic scheduled pruning when the sequencer with write-access to "exclusive storage" loses write-access. Now another sequencer takes over automatic pruning.
  • Fixed the database sequencer `max-event-age` metric not to report excessively old event ages.
  • Canton console has been extended to allow creation, deletion, querying, listing and modification of the identity provider configuration.
  • Identity provider configuration has been extended to allow the identity provider administrators to set the expected audience (`aud`) field on incoming JWT tokens that should be accepted by the ledger api.


  • Fixed a bug where some contract keys containing Numeric values would fail to match because of scale conversion errors.