Release of Daml SDK 0.13.36

Daml Compiler

  • Support for incremental builds in daml build using the --incremental=yes flag. This is still experimental and disabled by default but will become enabled by default in the future. On large codebases, this can significantly improve compile times and reduce memory usage.
  • Support for data dependencies on packages compiled with an older SDK (experimental). To import data dependencies, list the packages under the data-dependencies stanza in the project's daml.yaml file.

Daml Stdlib

  • maintainer function that will give you the list of maintainers of a contract key.


  • Add the option to start the sandbox with JWT based authentication. See issue #3363.
  • Fixed a bug in the SQL backend that caused the database to be flooded with requests when streaming out transactions.
  • Fix divulged contract visibility in multi-participant environments. See issue #3351.
  • Enable the ability to configure ledger api servers with a time service (for test purposes only).
  • Allow a ledger api server to share the Daml engine with the Daml-on-X participant node for performance. See issue #2975.
  • Allow non-alphanumeric characters in ledger api server participant ids (space, colon, hash, slash, dot).
  • Include SQL statement type in ledger api server logging of SQL errors.

Daml Triggers

  • Added exerciseByKeyCmd and dedupExerciseByKey to exercise a choice given the contract key instead of the contract id.
  • getTemplates has been renamed to getContracts to describe its behavior more accurately. getTemplates still exists as a compatiblity helper but it is deprecated and will be removed in a future SDK release.
  • Fix a bug where the use of Numeric caused triggers to crash with an assertion error.

JSON API - Experimental

  • Fix to support Archive choice. See issue #3219
  • Implement replay on database consistency violation, See issue #3387.
  • Comparison/range queries supported. See issue #2780.

Extractor - Experimental

  • Fix bug in reading TLS parameters.