Release of Daml SDK v0.13.22

Daml Assistant

  • BREAKING CHANGE Changed the meaning of the source field in the daml.yaml file to be a pointer to the source directory of the Daml code contained in a project relative to the project root. This is breaking projects, where the source field of the project is pointing to a non-toplevel location in the source code directory structure.

Daml Integration Kit

  • Introduced initial support for multi-node testing. Note that for the time being no test actually uses more than one node.
  • BREAKING CHANGE The -p / --target-port and -h / --host flags have been discontinued. Pass one (or more) endpoints to test as command line arguments in the <host>:<port> form.


  • Basic explanation of generic templates.

Ledger API

  • BREAKING CHANGE In Protobuf Value message, rename decimal field to numeric.


  • Updated the PostgreSQL JDBC driver to version 42.2.6.
  • Added TRACE level debugging for database operations.
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to an inconsistent snapshot of active contracts being served by the ActiveContractsService under high load.
  • Commands are now deduplicated based on (submitter, application_id, command_id).