The Daml Wallet Sample App

Check Out Daml Wallet App

We’re happy to announce a new addition to the family of learning materials for Daml developers: the Wallet Sample App. The app is a day two learning material targeted at developers who are already familiar with the basics of Daml, but who are not yet comfortable writing production Daml applications. The app demonstrates best practices for implementation of common workflows, like issuance, transfer, and atomic swap of tokens. It also demonstrates the power of Daml: the entire backend of this fully functional application is implemented with only about 500 lines of Daml code.

Watch the video walkthrough to understand how to use the Wallet Sample App:



The source code is available on GitHub. The app is also running live at To sign-in to the app running live at the above URL, use your Daml Hub credentials. You can create a free Daml Hub account, if you don’t already have one, at https:/ The Wallet Daml Sample App is equipped with a host of learning materials, including in-app  instructions, articles that explain concepts and their implementation, and extensive comments included in the source code. The app is not intended for people who just started learning Daml and who will likely find it too complex for their level. We recommend you complete the Introduction to Daml section in the Daml documentation, or complete all Get Started with Daml interactive tutorials before looking at the source code of the Wallet Sample App.

When my fellow Daml Developer Advocate Max and I started working on the Wallet Sample App, we were new to Daml. We studied the documentation and had a basic understanding of the language, but there were more advanced topics and concepts that were rather unobvious and challenging for us as experienced developers using mainstream programming languages and frameworks. Luckily we had access to Digital Asset’s Daml experts to help us through the rough spots. We knew we needed to create a reference app that would also help you through these same challenges, so we augmented the in-app experience with links to relevant articles. One example is the concept of UTXO—or unspent transaction output—a foreign term for most people without a background in blockchain. To help new Daml developers understand the reason, we wrote and linked an article titled “What is UTXO and why we use it in the Wallet Daml Reference App”, and included it in the repository.

We very much hope you’ll find this reference app and surrounding learning materials useful for your Daml learning journey. We’d love to hear your comments and feedback! You can always reach us at 

Check Out Daml Wallet App