Daml Developer Monthly - June 2021

What’s New

We’re nominating for the next community recognition ceremony. It’s your chance to recognize those in the community who go above and beyond in making Daml what it is today. Submit your nominations here!


Accenture is hiring for a Technical Architect for Blockchain & Multiparty Systems, we don’t know the specifics but they’re looking for Daml experience and one of the bonus qualifications is being Daml Certified :)

Bart is looking for Daml developers at RT Ledgers, if you’re US based and want to learn Daml through on the job experience then check out Bart’s post and reach out to him for the full job description.

If you are a member of an underrepresented minority group working in the tech field (or trying to get into it) and want to practice your interviewing skills at a mock interview then please reach out to us.

Also we’re still hiring for many positions including Engineering, Client Experience, Business Development, and Sales. Make sure to visit digitalasset.com/careers to apply and share with your network.

What We’re Reading, Watching, and Attending!

We’ve been at Hyperledger Global Forum this week and today is the last day. Come attend our interactive session comparing UTXO and Account models, we’ll be giving away t-shirts to people who participate so make sure to bring your questions and thoughts.

Luís Marado and others will be showing off a large variety of Daml-based usecases (+ a few written in other languages) in Portugal later this month. Link is to come and will be shared on our social media so keep a lookout.

György Balázsi walks us through integrating Daml with Auth0’s new Actions platform for easy authentication of parties in your Daml application.

Stephen shows us the relationship between Templates and Records and how we can leverage the records in our templates to avoid duplication, create more easily understandable workflows, and other neat tidbits that you’ll just have to read the tutorial to find out.

As always RPS has a ton of security and privacy news that he shares weekly on our forum so check them out. You can even subscribe to the tag to make sure you don’t miss them.

Anthony has a high level overview on how Daml’s Ledger Model works, check it out. It’s a wiki too so you can easily make changes. In fact all posts in #tutorials-and-guides are now wikis by default.

Community Feature and Bug Reports

Set is now a Foldable instance in Daml, big thanks to Huw for requesting!

Daml Connect 1.14 is out!

  • Daml-LF 1.13 and Ledger API version 1.11.0 are now Stable, bringing the following changes:
    • The arbitrary precision decimal number type BigNumeric is now in general availability as part of Daml-LF 1.13.
    • Try/Catch Exception handling in Daml contracts, scripts and triggers is now available in Beta as part of Daml-LF 1.14.
    • Daml-LF 1.12 is the new default.
    • Daml-LF 1.14 is now in Beta.
  • Information provided in the logs of the JSON API server have been improved to aid monitoring and debugging at runtime.
  • The use of divulged contracts during interpretation - an unintended edge use-case of the implementation of the Ledger API Server - has been marked as deprecated due to incompatibility with Participant Pruning.

Impact and Migration

There are no backwards-incompatible changes that require immediate action. However, Daml application developers should take note of the deprecation mentioned above, as well as the phased change in Ledger behaviour and the reasons behind this change, both elaborated further below.

The full release notes and installation instructions for Daml Connect 1.14.0 can be found here.

What’s Next

  • Work on the Early Access features introduced in this and previous releases will continue to bring them to general availability.
    • Exception handling, which provides try/catch functionality with subtransaction rollbacks.
    • Daml Profiler (Enterprise Edition only)
    • Daml Script Export
    • Oracle DB Support
  • Work on improving the Performance of all Daml integrations continues under the hood.