Daml Developer Monthly - August 2021

What's New

The Release Candidate for Daml Connect is out! Daml Connect 1.16 is a relatively lightweight release with most improvements under the hood. In this release, the Daml Profiler is now stable in the Enterprise Edition of Daml Connect, and the the JSON API has further improved logging and metrics. More here!

Prefer to listen to this post in podcast form? Check out Richard's recording here.

Do You Daml?

We too! As you know, Digital Asset raised a $120m Series D funding round and we are GROWING. We are currently looking for a Developer Advocate who has one foot in the engineering world and the other in the developer community world.  So if you are a natural developer relations professional or know someone who might be, check out this job posting!

If you have followed us, you know we love the general developer community as much as we love our own Daml. Fun fact: Look up Hyperledger's history :) To continue to support and be a part of this smart contract "revolution", our Developer Advocate Steve Seow have created a technology and product-agnostic Facebook community page that is devoted to Developers of Blockchain and Smart Contracts.

Question of the Month: How to Achieve Test Coverage 100%?

We had a great question recently by user nr185 that deserved to be called out! Check out the thread here! Essentially, this has to do with testing your code with the daml test --show-coverage --all command that is not returning 100%. User nr185 learned that to get 100%, you need to ensure that (1) all templates have been created and that (2) all choices have been executed both in exerciseCmd and in archiveCmd. Read more here!