Announcing Daml SDK 1.3.0

Minor Delay

This RC was expected to be marked stable on Wednesday 15th of July. However we will need to delay the release by one day to Thursday 16th of July. During RC testing, a regression was discovered that caused the ledger offset in transaction stream requests to not be observed properly in some corner cases. See #6698 for more details. We are presently in the process of backporting this fix to the SDK 1.3 RC and running it through our testing processes.

What's New in the Ecosystem

Daml SDK 1.3.0 brings many new features, functionality, and more stable APIs to Daml.

In parallel to the SDK release we are also conducting a Daml User survey. If you use Daml in any way please take 2-3 minutes to complete it. Your feedback is vital to consistent improvement of Daml.

We've also recently launched our forum at It is chock-full of questions, technical discussions, news updates, T-Shirts, and Capybaras. If you haven't joined yet come check it out. If you join and complete the survey above we'll give you a very exclusive Hero badge.

This last month we added several online and interactive learning opportunities to so if you haven't tried it yet please do. This month Robin has added the Propose-and-Accept pattern, the Choices-and-Role pattern, and how Daml contract permissions correspond to UNIX's rwx permissions on files.

Release Candidate for Daml SDK 1.3.0

The preliminary release notes for Daml SDK 1.3.0. can be found here. A community open door session will be held Monday 13th July at 2.30pm-3.00pm CET / 8:30-9am EST on Zoom. Participants must register prior to the meeting starting in order to join so please use this link to register in advance.


  • The Websocket query and fetch APIs are now stable.
  • The JSON API Server is now released as a standalone JAR file to GitHub Releases.
  • Daml Script and REPL now work in Static Time mode and can query parties.
  • Daml Studio exposes more details on how contracts were disclosed. Big thank you to Alex Mason for suggesting this very useful feature.
  • Trigger Service, a solution to host and manage Daml Triggers is now available in Early Access.

What’s Coming

Most of our current work is going into performance of the Daml integration components and improving production readiness of Daml Ledgers. In parallel, we are putting finishing touches on the feature work we’ve started on:

  • The Trigger Service is expected to reach feature completion and move into Beta stage in one of the next releases
  • Daml REPL is expected to become stable in one of the next releases
  • Daml will get a generic Map type as part of Daml-LF 1.9.