Webinar replay: The Transformative Power of Post-Trade Innovation

Digital Asset recently hosted a webinar in partnership with IntellectEU highlighting the distributed ledger technology (DLT) solutions and strategies being employed in the digital transformation of outdated financial systems—most pressingly post-trade services. The webinar panel of experts featured Kelly Mathieson, Digital Asset’s Chief Client Experience Officer, and Luis Marado, Daml Engineer Lead at IntellectEU. It was moderated by Lauren Moran, Head of Content & Campaigns at Digital Asset.

“It's time to fundamentally reexamine these [post-trade] processes,”  Mathieson started, kicking off a lively discussion on opportunities for rapid modernization and digitization across the post-trade landscape. As new assets come online, weaknesses in legacy services, such as the inability to expand cross-market services, are being spotlighted as we begin to manage these evermore digitally native and tokenized assets. Marado touched on his work with customers centers on challenges with how disconnected systems prove cumbersome and time-intensive. He emphasized the importance of starting with targeted use cases that allow companies to prove the business model with the foundation of a digital platform adjacent to its existing system.

Daml, Digital Asset’s core technology and the leading platform for building and running sophisticated blockchain applications, is an ideal framework for enabling enterprises to innovate and overcome legacy challenges inherent to post-trade systems. Daml is purpose-built for financial services. It allows enterprises to construct multiparty workflows using smart contracts and represent multiple asset classes digitally, in a privacy-centric manner. DLTs like Daml are helping build momentum towards an ecosystem of interconnected networks of value in financial services. The panel discussed the core composability of Daml as it applies to post-trade, and highlighted the benefits of being able to begin small in scoping a use case and grow as the market dictates.

The webinar concluded by addressing how expanding with incremental post-trade services can ultimately create a transformative digital market infrastructure. By scaling quickly and extending the network, market participants can rapidly create and run robust applications, enabling every subsequent build to be faster, more cost effective, and enterprise focused.

Watch the webinar replay below to better understand why it is a critical time to implement innovative post-trade solutions and how your teams can stay ahead of the curve.