Update on Open Source Community Work and Whitepapers

It has been a busy month in the open source community. Hyperledger hit 100 institutional members, making it the fastest growing project in the Linux Foundation’s history, and entered into a strategic advocacy and education partnership with the Digital Chamber of Commerce. Our friends at R3 successfully open-sourced their Corda platform and announced their intention to submit it to Hyperledger.

The rate in which this open source momentum is growing is truly exciting for all those involved in distributed ledger technology and Digital Asset continues to contribute. Earlier this year, we announced our intention to open source DAML, the Digital Asset Modeling Language, became a founding member of Hyperledger, were elected as the Chairs of both the Governing Board and Marketing Committee, and recently contributed a thought piece introducing the Global Synchronization Log (GSL). The GSL is a component that that can serve as a common foundation for distinct Distributed Ledger Technology implementations and the full paper can be accessed below:


We will be following up on this paper with a subsequent publication on the API that our GSL implements to evaluate this possibility.

We are also delighted to alert you that next week we will be publishing a non-technical whitepaper detailing the full architectural design of the Digital Asset Platform, building on the prior publication of the GSL, a subcomponent of our platform.

We look forward to receiving your feedback on both of these papers and will be attending Hyperledger’s inaugural annual Members’ Summit in New York next week (December 7, 2017) to discuss their implications in person.