The numbers behind tokenization: A report on digital asset issuance by the ValueExchange

The case for large-scale digital asset issuance is becoming increasingly clear. With major investment banks including HSBC, Goldman Sachs, SG Forge, BNP Paribas, and UBS all expanding their digital issuance plans in 2023, the business case to support new issuance is being demonstrated across markets. So what is the case today, and whom can we turn to for concrete evidence of scale in this critical area?

Digital Asset has collaborated with the ValueExchange to produce a factsheet series highlighting research from over 20 market interviews run through February 2023, along with their database of survey responses from June through September 2022. This first report draws on key data that has driven our digital asset issuance journey so far and the ways blockchain technology continues to simplify, automate, and create transparent, pre-issuance workflows. Keys themes covered on digital asset issuance include:

  • Eliminating balance sheet risk

  • Accelerating product innovation

  • Shaping bespoke investor engagements

  • Fractionalizing securities to reach new markets

  • Automating securities issuance

  • Understanding 21st-century valuations 

Explore milestones in digital asset issuance across global markets and understand how major, innovative players are using distributed ledger technology to drive business value from tokenization—today, not tomorrow. Register below to access the detailed report and stay tuned for the next edition in the series: A report on securities finance. 

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