Synchronize New York 2019: Digital Asset and DLT in the Real World

Synchronize New York 2019: Digital Asset and DLT in the Real World

On April 17, more than 400 innovators met at Synchronize New York 2019 -- the leading conference dedicated to enterprise and institutional applications of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), blockchain technology and smart contracts within financial services.  Digital Asset moderated or spoke on panels, hosted a fireside chat, and demonstrated real-world distributed applications that leverage DAML, the open source smart contract language created by Digital Asset.  Our takeaway - industry players are working together to prove that DLT is not just hype, it's reality.


 VMWare Mike DiPetrillo⁩ kicked off Synchronize 2019 in New York by sharing his views in his opening keynote, “What is blockchain about? It’s all about trust.”


Digital Asset Chief Business Development Officer, Chris Church talks to Katie McDermott of the ASX, Thomas Sullivan of Societe Generale, Lata Varghese of Cognizant, and Gangesh Ganesan, CEO of Peernova about evaluating the best applications of distributed ledger technology and plotting a realistic implementation timeline. Bottomline: DLT is moving to production sooner than you think!


Katie McDermott, General Manager Equity Post-Trade ASX explains the roadmap to replacing the post-trade equity clearing and settlement system for Australia, CHESS, with DLT.


Digital Asset CEO, Yuval Rooz, talks to his former boss and Digital Asset founder, Don Wilson about the future of crypto assets.  “The work that Digital Asset is doing to put DAML on top of not just private blockchains, but potentially public blockchains, is a great example of the direction that companies in this space should be thinking about,” Don Wilson told Yuval.


Digital Asset co-founder and CTO Shaul Kfir joined Duncan Johnston-Watt, CEO of Blockchain Technology Partners and moderator Gabriel Wang of Aite Group for the final panel of the day, which explored the convergence of emerging technologies, including smart contracts, cloud services and machine learning.

“Smart contract design needs to abstract away the complexities of accessing and operating the underlying platform so that developers don’t have to be an expert in blockchain to build applications on top of it.”  - Shaul Kfir


The Digital Asset booth was a popular spot throughout the day. We demonstrated the following DAML-Driven solutions:

  1. Optimis demoed its Structured Rate Security App that allows a security  issuer to lock-in interest rate exposure at issuance, with the option to adjust interest rate exposure throughout the life of the security
  2. solution from  VDC  integrates with Microsoft SharePoint and solves the problem of audit and compliance through DAML’s built in privacy and disclosure mechanisms.
  3. Brillio demoed a  mortgage origination and securitization solution integrate IPFS with DAML (immutable, permanent IPFS links are stored into DAML contracts). Amistamp, an elegant solution by Kinnami showcased an application that delivers IP protection to the enterprise using DAML.
  4. No more costly reconciliations, latencies and process breaks! IntellecEU demonstrated a  solution that serves as a  blueprint for the future of multi-party, cross enterprise workflows enabled by DAML.
  5. The Catalyst solution from IntellectEU solves some of that for DLT by seamlessly translating the messages from your applications (including SWIFT messages) to DAML on the other side.
  6. GFT used a number of Google API and integrated them with DAML smart contracts to create a solution for insurance claims management. A DAML based solution created by Accenture to that allows multiple banks to exchange investor information about  without sacrificing privacy and confidentiality. The solution also achieves compliance with GDPRs Right to Forget and information sharing regulations.

For more details about the partner demos, please see the blog by Manish Gover on LinkedIn: Reaching Escape Velocity for DLT Innovation

Did you miss Synchronize New York?  Join us at Synchronize Europe in London on June 18, 2019. Synchronize is the leading conference dedicated to enterprise and institutional applications of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), blockchain technology and smart contracts within financial services.  Register here!