VMware Blockchain with Daml is now available

Deploy mission-critical decentralized applications across an enterprise-grade blockchain platform trusted by the world’s largest organizations

Today, our technology partner VMware announced commercial availability of VMware Blockchain 1.0! Digital Asset and VMware have been working closely together for over two years to create a deep integration between VMware Blockchain and Daml smart contracts. To coincide with their release, we are also making this integration commercially available as the Daml Driver for VMware Blockchain.

We have long believed that blockchain technology will not be truly ready for the mainstream until we see less competition and more collaboration within the blockchain technology stack. By each focusing on our area of expertise; VMware on enterprise-grade, scalable infrastructure, and Digital Asset on distributed application language design capable of meeting the complexities of modern markets, VMware Blockchain with Daml represents the best of both companies in a tightly integrated offering.

It’s this combination that has been selected by both the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and Broadridge Financial Solutions to underpin the way $1 trillion dollars of stocks change hands in the ninth-largest economy in the world and to streamline workflows for $4.5 trillion dollars of repurchase agreements respectively.

With Daml quickly becoming the standard for mission critical smart contract development, the Daml Driver for VMware Blockchain provides enterprises with a simple way to deploy multi-party applications on a platform developed by a leading organization they already know and trust.

VMware Blockchain with Daml provides businesses with a decentralized platform to unlock data silos and free up data to flow securely, privately, and instantaneously with the high availability and performance that meets the most stringent application requirements of mission-critical distributed workloads.

Additional features

  • Integration with existing systems using SDDC infrastructure with the ability to scale across hybrid, public, and private cloud environments.

  • Day-2 operations with application management and monitoring built into the platform for simple provisioning, comprehensive metrics and logs, and 24x7 global support, including VMware support for the DAML runtime.

  • VMware Blockchain’s Scalable Byzantine Fault Tolerance (SBFT) consensus mechanism that ensures integrity of data in the blockchain while protecting against false and malicious actors.

  • Sub-transaction level privacy at the infrastructure level with data distribution rules automatically determined by the Daml runtime.

Now, businesses across all industries have the ability to leverage this powerful combination of smart contracts and blockchain technology from Digital Asset and VMware Blockchain. Start unlocking innovation today with automated multi-party workflows through Daml. Use Daml for VMware Blockchain to deploy production-ready applications on an enterprise blockchain platform trusted by the largest enterprises to support their mission-critical workloads.

Learn more about the Daml Driver for VMware Blockchain by Digital Asset here.